Reducing Pterygium Recurrence: Improve Surgical Outcomes with This Time-Saving Technique

After working my way through the painstaking troubles of some of the traditional approaches to pterygium surgery, I thought there must be a better way. Through time, I developed a new approach that I call the Tissue Tuck Technique. This technique fulfills all the criteria that, in my mind, define successful pterygium surgery. It’s efficient, reproducible, and not difficult. It has an excellent cosmetic result. And, most importantly, it has a low recurrence rate. After using this new technique in more than 700 cases, my recurrence rate is less than 1%.

Pterygium Surgery – The Thorn in Our Side

As we all know, pterygium surgery can be challenging and is often time-consuming and painful, produces poor cosmetic results, and has high rates of re-occurrence. This can be very frustrating for us as doctors and also for our patients.