Bio-Tissue’s Dry Eye Center of Excellence Program

Our company’s groundbreaking scientific research in the study of regenerative medicine has led to the development of innovative products that are used worldwide by eye care professionals to treat ocular surface disease (OSD), including dry eye. In order to help you leverage our products, elevate the level of care you provide to your patients, improve clinical outcomes, and grow your practice, we developed the Dry Eye Center of Excellence Program (DECE).

Dry Eye Center of Excellence certificateAs you know, the ocular surface is a complex and integrated environment. Injury to any one component can lead to a cascade of effects such as inflammation, and a myriad of interlinked diseases including dry eye. Restoring the health of the ocular surface requires advanced and sometimes multiple therapies, which can be challenging and complicated. Our DECE program helps you take your dry eye efforts to the next level by providing the products, tools, training, and support needed to tackle OSD and alleviate your patients’ symptoms.

Our program is customized in a way that accommodates practices at all levels. This includes those practices just starting out treating dry eye and OSD, those that continue to expand their dry eye treatment, and practices that have extensive experience in treating dry eye with our products. Each program level provides access to training and tools to help you succeed in treating dry eye, grow your practice, increase efficiency, and increase revenue. We are here to help you succeed!

Download the "Dry Eye Center of Excellence Program" brochure

Nick PisaniNick Pisani is director of clinical implementation for Bio-Tissue, where he oversees the company’s Dry Eye Center of Excellence (DECE) program in the U.S. Nick has worked in the eyecare industry for over 18 years and is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.